CrossFit A.C.T. is goal driven. What are your goals?

OUR MISSION is to prepare our members for life’s challenges. Whether deploying overseas, apprehending a suspect, getting ready for a sports event, or just looking to lose weight, CrossFit A.C.T. will help you to achieve these goals. Is CrossFit A.C.T. for everyone? Absolutely. From seasoned athlete to novice, young or old, it’s our job to ensure that you receive the best coaching possible. If you are plagued by injuries and think you won’t be able to “keep up,” consider all options. Workouts are scaled to fit your ability, and your intensity is relative to what your body can handle.

This is not a boot camp; we will not be screaming, berating you or asking you to go so hard that you injure yourself. All we ask is that you give 100% every day and you leave knowing you accomplished something that you can be proud of.

It is our job to get you there, every time.


What I am trying to accomplish with CrossFit A.C.T is simple: to make it the best environment for any athlete. Whether you are a seasoned CrossFitter, an athlete looking to gain an edge, or someone looking to lose weight, I will do my best to make sure that you receive top-notch coaching. I have been training people for over five years, and there is nothing else I could see myself doing. It’s my job to make you love that one hour a day you spend here and learn something about yourself—setting goals and smashing them.


I've been an athlete my entire life. I am co-owner and marketing director of CrossFit A.C.T. I aim to create the best and most supportive environment for training. We make athletes of all shapes and sizes, all along the way providing the best coaching we can possibly give.


I started out at CrossFit A.C.T. in January of 2011, and it was the best decision I have ever made in regards to my training and overall quality of life."